The value a writer gets from exposure is the greatest value any writer can wish for. A new reader.

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It’s always a challenge to adapt how to write for a new publication, but I gain a lot of value when I do. I love to research new topics as it’s a great way to enhance my skills, find a unique angle, and sometimes be inspired by other writers. …

Repurposing your content for your personal brand

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With over 50 million people in the creator economy, being original is easy.

There is an infinite number of content on the internet of things, and the number of content created daily is growing exponentially.

You don’t need to worry about stealing people’s ideas.

We’re all inspired by each other’s…

How Justin Welsh built a $1.3 million business by listening to his LinkedIn audience

Image by Georgio Trovato / Unsplash

Your digital presence is more important than ever with many platforms that can help you carve out your identity.

And creators are making six figures a year:

  • 50M people consider themselves part of the creator economy in 2021.
  • 2M creators make 6-figures per year.

Justin Welsh went from a sales career to building a large audience on LinkedIn

Justin knows how important your digital…

The semi-secret company founded by Google is pursuing things that sound undoable.

Source: X Development — A Google Company

It’s hot news.

Google has reached the $2 Trillion market cap.

Yet, Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin have disappeared off the face of the earth since stepping down from leading one of the most innovative companies into the 21st century.

These two brilliant minds have catapulted the world…

Rick Govic

Content Strategist writing for Entrepreneurs, Marketers & Creators. Exploring ideas that move the world forward through technology, marketing & platforms.

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