How 3D printers are used for consumer products

We don’t know which way the future will take us, but there is a convergence of great minds across international borders developing technologies that are rapidly about to change our world for the better. Advancements in technologies across 3D printers, artificial intelligence, robotics, augmented reality, blockchain, DNA sequencing, energy storage and much more allow people to innovate at rapid speeds.

It might be that this historical time in history, that we live in, technology will surprise us all and leap forward faster than we can anticipate because of Moore’s Law. …

New mediums have given rise to deeper conversations

“The legacy media; the big magazines, the newspapers, the TV stations, the radio stations. . . All of whom had a monopoly on this kind of information flow are so dead to people under thirty, that it’s as if their death isn’t even noticed.”

Jordan Peterson

In this short 9 minute video, Chris Williamson interviews Jordan Peterson to discuss why mainstream media has lost its audiences. This is backed by Pew Research Statistics that shows only 34% of young adults between 18–29 in the U.S. watch TV with cable or satellite.

An entire generation left on struggle street

I’m a Millennial, and when I read the Federal Reserve’s statistic that shows Millennials only hold 4.8% of total wealth, I was gobsmacked.

The statistic doesn’t have as much impact until you put it into context.

  • Millennials are now 40 years old, and at the same age, Gen X had 9% of total wealth (see chart below).
  • Boomers at the same age had 21% of total wealth.
  • Millennials make up more than 1 in 3 of the American labor force.
  • The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that by 2030 Millennials will present 75% of the entire workforce.
  • Mark Zuckerberg…

Croatia opens its doors with digital nomad visas

My favorite thing about being a freelancer is that I can take my job anywhere. I’ve lived in New York, London, Sydney, and now I’m tucked away on the Mediterranean on a beach in Croatia, thanks to the country’s digital nomad visa.

Being a freelancer means that I always keep a tight lid on my outgoings and keep an eye open for any opportunities that provide me with a clear benefit, especially when it comes to taxes.

1. Facts you need to know about Croatia's digital nomad visa

Yes, Croatia is now offering digital nomads from anywhere globally, except the EU, 0% income tax with their new visa.

Here is what…

What workers want after the pandemic

Hays recruitment agency in the U.K. has released a report on whether or not people will go back to 9–5 workdays. The study was conducted across more than 4,200 employees and employers to garner insights into how different age groups view the future of work. Employees across entry/junior, intermediate, director/c-suite, and management roles were asked what they expect from work conditions moving forward.

Here is a summary of the key statistics from the report

  • 45% of Director/C-Suite personal think the traditional 9–5 office-based work will not return.
  • 41% of Baby Boomers think 9–5 will not return vs. only 27% of Generation Z.
  • 31% of all people survey are unsure, 35% think…

Successful creators start with a business then use social for their go-to-market strategy

I was blown away by Kayla Itsines’ story when invited to a small talk at Instagram’s offices in Sydney, Australia. Kayla is 30 years old, worth over $209 Million, and attributes a lot of her success to Instagram. But Kayla never sought out to be an ‘Influencer,’ and in 2009, when her 12-year-old cousin suggested she use Instagram, Kayla asked her cousin what Instagram is!

Kayla is still a personal trainer and now can influence people from all around the world to become healthier with what they eat and how to get the best from their exercise routines. Her Bikini…

The science behind flow and how to win at writing content

Scientific research suggests that psychological momentum (PM) plays a critical role in your pursuit and achievement of goals. Psychological momentum is experienced as a psychological force in which several factors or qualities converge synergistically to enable one to perform at a level not ordinarily possible.

“Professional activity performed in a state of distraction-free concentration that push your cognitive capabilities to their limit. These efforts create new value, improve your skill, and are hard to replicate.”

— Cal Newport, Deep Work

The higher the frequency and the longer the duration, the better likelihood of success. Author Cal Newport discusses this phenomenon…

Different UX methods to evaluate your product across 4 phases of a product’s lifecycle

User experience (UX) design disciplines can bring enormous value to your website or mobile application. Whether you’re a startup about to build a new product or have a remit from a client to reimagine a project, a shared vision through the discovery phase can be the difference between a successful or failed project. Depending on your project's goals and the stage of your project, I have listed 33 UX techniques that you can use to evaluate your project.

UX design discovery techniques are brilliant ways to allow UX content strategists, writers, and designers to tap into people's behaviors or validate…

The value a writer gets from exposure is the greatest value any writer can wish for. A new reader.

It’s always a challenge to adapt how to write for a new publication, but I gain a lot of value when I do. I love to research new topics as it’s a great way to enhance my skills, find a unique angle, and sometimes be inspired by other writers. The 9 publications below focus on different topics so that any writer can see their story in at least one publication.

EDITORS LOOK FOR SPECIFIC STORIES EACH MONTH If you can find an editor’s Twitter of a publication, then you will save yourself the heartache of dozens of rejections and precious…

Color your words with these epic content formats

The result is not always as important as the journey. At times I can get caught in the trap of churning out identical stories because of their templated visual design, but when you switch up your creativity with a fresh format, it can excite readers.

Formats that inspire writers and readers:

1. Advice weaved into a conversational read

Jessica Wildfire packs a punch with one-liners artistically tucked under headings that make bold statements. It’s how these sentences form a clever and free-forming way to read through her article, which claims the number one spot on this list for creativity.

2. Table of contents with ‘how to’ instructions

Zulie Rane nails her topic on creators and…

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