Acknowledge your accomplishments & improve what doesn’t work

Imagine you plant an apple seed in your garden with the expectation to pick a ripe apple within a year. What if you wrote down your life goals and expected you could achieve them within that same year. This would be the easiest way to set yourself up for failure, but this is exactly what I used to do. …

Inspired Photographer Miles Aldridge

Life isn’t a linear journey, and neither is creativity. We’re born into this world and are asked to pick a university, career then places to live. The reality is that our perspectives change as we travel and cross paths with different people to slowly find our purpose, which is shaped by our experiences. We’re all creative and inspired by art, music and film, but how do we focus our minds on finding the creativity fit for purpose?

Miles Aldridge Dissects His Sporadic Experiences

Miles Aldridge once set out to become a film director. Now at the age of 55, he has become a world-renowned photographer. Through…

The value a writer gets from exposure is the greatest value any writer can wish for. A new reader.

It’s always a challenge to adapt how to write for a new publication, but I gain a lot of value when I do. I love to research new topics as it’s a great way to enhance my skills, find a unique angle, and sometimes be inspired by other writers. The 9 publications below focus on different topics so that any writer can see their story in at least one publication.

EDITORS LOOK FOR SPECIFIC STORIES EACH MONTH If you can find an editor’s Twitter of a publication, then you will save yourself the heartache of dozens of rejections and precious…

Color your words with these epic content formats

The result is not always as important as the journey. At times I can get caught in the trap of churning out identical stories because of their templated visual design, but when you switch up your creativity with a fresh format, it can excite readers.

Formats that inspire writers and readers:

1. Advice weaved into a conversational read

Jessica Wildfire packs a punch with one-liners artistically tucked under headings that make bold statements. It’s how these sentences form a clever and free-forming way to read through her article, which claims the number one spot on this list for creativity.

2. Table of contents with ‘how to’ instructions

Zulie Rane nails her topic on creators and…

The evolution of advertising agencies and why they now produce creative content en masse.

The advertising industry has born some of the most brilliant creative minds and technologically savvy individuals worldwide. Within a digital agency, you might have built websites fifteen years ago, created banner ads, email campaigns, and social content for Facebook only. Now advertising agencies need to build large content ecosystems with complex technology stacks and products that serve their corporate clients through unimaginable ways to stay in business.

The rise of the Creator Economy has now intersected with the rapid acceleration of digital transformation projects that businesses have been forced to adapt faster due to the pandemic.

“. . .Because in…

Dating and relationship views whilst living in a chaotic world through a pandemic can be a challenge.

“There is nothing more powerful and beautiful than someone who knows themselves.”

— Julie Piatt

Within the chaos of the world today, people have had to change and transition through this pandemic. Over the past year, my job has changed, I’ve moved across continents from Australia to Europe, and I met someone new whilst in lockdown restrictions. These have been significant and constant changes, all made in a short time, so it was great to unearth a podcast that touches on these huge personal changes I’ve been through.

Rich Roll is a vegan athlete, wellness, and plant-based nutrition advocate who…

Voice estimated to hit US$40 billion in the U.S. & U.K.

Voice interfaces have matured and now deliver consumer value through devices like Amazon’s Echo and Google Home. In the U.S., it is estimated that 13% of homes already own an Amazon Echo or Google Home, and 36% of people use a voice device to make a purchase in any given month. You don’t have to imagine a future where your car, home, and office are connected seamlessly because voice-assisted interfaces can be picked up at your local electronics store or ordered online.

How to build a successful roadmap for your mobile app

An app-based business can be a challenge for anyone. To better understand the critical steps you may need to create your native iOS or Android mobile application, I have outlined 5 essential phases. Some steps within these phases may be omitted, dependant on your business or startup idea.

The most critical part of your application will be the design of your user interface (UI) and the user experience (UX). Of course, you will need a good developer however the bar has been raised for a rich customer experience.

If you open up your Netflix, Pinterest, Airbnb, or even Google’s native…

TV Broadcasters hold a wealth of knowledge

TV broadcasters give enormous insights into how people consume different forms of content. Within day-to-day life at a TV broadcaster, you will unpack big data across new audiences, products, services and create content for the largest audiences in your state or country.

Broadcasters hold a wealth of knowledge on content consumption habits.

Whether you air a top news story, the kick-off to the Premier League season, a new food series, or this month’s films featured on streaming services, everyone across the business receives viewing figures for every piece of content aired or published daily.

All channels work in a matrix…

Most companies are desperately lacking in teaching leadership

Soft skills have become more important as technology, such as AI, advances, and we absolutely need to hero people that know how to inspire others and drive the greatest morale within our teams. But Simon Sinek points out that “soft skills” are not soft at all. In fact, if we were to use two categories for skills people have in the workplace, they would be hard skills and human skills.

Hard skills are needed to do your job, and human skills allow people to be better leaders.

“We have to teach human skills if we want people to learn how…

Rick Govic

Content Marketer writing for Entrepreneurs, Marketers & Creators. Exploring ideas that move the world forward through technology, marketing & platforms.

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