The value a writer gets from exposure is the greatest value any writer can wish for. A new reader.

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It’s always a challenge to adapt how to write for a new publication, but I gain a lot of value when I do. I love to research new topics as it’s a great way to enhance my skills, find a unique angle, and sometimes be inspired by other writers. The 9 publications below focus on different topics so that any writer can see their story in at least one publication.

EDITORS LOOK FOR SPECIFIC STORIES EACH MONTH If you can find an editor’s Twitter of a publication, then you will save yourself the heartache of dozens of rejections and precious…

What workers want after the pandemic

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Hays recruitment agency in the U.K. has released a report on whether or not people will go back to 9–5 workdays. The study was conducted across more than 4,200 employees and employers to garner insights into how different age groups view the future of work. Employees across entry/junior, intermediate, director/c-suite, and management roles were asked what they expect from work conditions moving forward.

Here is a summary of the key statistics from the report

  • 45% of Director/C-Suite personal think the traditional 9–5 office-based work will not return.
  • 41% of Baby Boomers think 9–5 will not return vs. only 27% of Generation Z.
  • 31% of all people survey are unsure, 35% think…

Croatia opens its doors with digital nomad visas

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My favorite thing about being a freelancer is that I can take my job anywhere. I’ve lived in New York, London, Sydney, and now I’m tucked away on the Mediterranean on a beach in Croatia, thanks to the country’s digital nomad visa.

Being a freelancer means that I always keep a tight lid on my outgoings and keep an eye open for any opportunities that provide me with a clear benefit, especially when it comes to taxes.

1. Facts you need to know about Croatia's digital nomad visa

Yes, Croatia is now offering digital nomads from anywhere globally, except the EU, 0% income tax with their new visa.

Here is what…

How 3D printers are used for consumer products

Image by NASA/Unsplash

We don’t know which way the future will take us, but there is a convergence of great minds across international borders developing technologies that are rapidly about to change our world for the better. Advancements in technologies across 3D printers, artificial intelligence, robotics, augmented reality, blockchain, DNA sequencing, energy storage and much more allow people to innovate at rapid speeds.

It might be that this historical time in history, that we live in, technology will surprise us all and leap forward faster than we can anticipate because of Moore’s Law. …

Insights into how venture capitalists think and invest in startups.

Image from All-in podcast / YouTube

When I recently chatted to a venture capitalist that sits on the board of the largest Australian VC firm Artesian and asked how they invest in startups, he remarked that they look for the “money pump.” It’s true; some venture capitalists look for people to invest in. However, most VC funds and investors are more interested in funding the next billion-dollar startup. It’s a numbers game to them.

Without the network or proper introductions to investors, getting an insider’s view or gaining feedback on what works and doesn’t for your own startup is difficult. However, the All-in podcast offers an…

People don’t want to be Millionaires anymore

Image by Bruno Emmanuelle/Unsplash

The recent pandemic has forced people to think.

Whilst at home with the family or considering life’s choices on your own, many people have concluded that they don’t want or need to be part of the rat race anymore.

People are starting to figure out smarter ways to earn an income and know that they can dedicate more time to acknowledging their own passions and what drives them.

Traveling to and from work for 2 hours or more a day is unnecessary, which basically sucks for most people. …

Free resources you can use so that you don’t waste your money when you create YouTube videos.

Image by Soundtrap/ Unsplash

There are many pitfalls people can fall into when starting a YouTube channel. I’ve stepped onto one or two of these landmines, wasting hundreds of dollars on equipment and subscriptions that do not shift the needle in the long run. YouTube isn’t for everyone, but there are simple and easy ways to film your content without having too many costly overheads.

In fact, you don’t have to spend a dime.

Everyone knows by now that YouTube is the single best place to find ‘how to’ videos on literally anything. If you don’t know how to grout kitchen tiles, there’s a…

Diversify your income streams

Image by Kate Oseen/Unsplash

When starting your YouTube channel, you will need 1000 subscribers before you can receive any ad revenue. This is why affiliate programs linked to your YouTube content are useful to diversify your income streams. Selling digital or physical products associated with your business can generate the best returns. It doesn’t matter what product or service you’re offering. Anyone can use at least 1 of the top 5 affiliate programs I’ve researched below.

1. Amazon

Amazon is the simplest of choices because it offers a wide range of products to associate with your videos. Everything from your top 10 books or games to…

Any writing strategy is better than no strategy

Image by Tim Douglas /Pexels

Strategy is not some sort of wizardry done by a few elite alchemists trained in the fine art of manifestation. It is simply the act of putting down a framework of how you want to get from A to B. I have worked with all types of brand strategists and creative heads from around the world. None of them have ever had a similar process. In fact, they’ve all been surprisingly unique. …

How Chet is democratizing career opportunity and professional wisdom and how you can be a part of it.

Image by Dollar Gill/Unsplash

Chet’s platform has made it simple to use existing content sourced from the internet of things (IoT) to build your online course. Instead of reinventing the wheel, Chet allows you to link and embed videos, articles, e-books, and other IoT material to structure your course. Chet calls for ‘curators’ instead of ‘creators’ because you are basically pulling together existing content in a coherent, structured, and valuable way to set up your online course. You don’t even have to own the rights of the content you use.

The advantages of first movers

Before you dismiss Chet as a platform, consider the opportunity it brings to build…

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