You Live In A Simulation

Bliss will make you question reality.

Image by Laura Chouette/Unsplash

Your reality is about to come under attack. Amazon Prime Video’s new film Bliss is set to be a hot conversational topic of the simulation hypothesis. Starring Selma Hayek and Owen Wilson, the film’s premise explores whether or not Greg (Wilson’s character) is living in a simulation, as he switches back-and-forth from reality.

The simulation hypothesis.

Essentially it is the theory that the entire universe, including our planet, is an artificial simulation similar to a computer game or as explored in The Matrix. This hypothesis was published in 2003 by Nick Bostrom, a philosopher from the University of Oxford.

Basically, if we consider the development of computer games which are becoming more realistic every year, the avatars in these computer games wouldn’t know that they are in a simulation. Since the universe is infinite, and it may contain civilisations that have technology millions of years beyond our own; we actually wouldn’t realise whether or not we are living in a simulation.

Living in an artificial simulation has been explored by many science-fiction writers including one of my favourites The Lion of Comarre by Arthur C.Clark, published in 1968. The topic has been popularized more recently by Elon Musk through his Vox interview and Tweet last year (below).

Bliss premiers on Amazon Prime Video on February 5th.

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